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All successful businesses have a strong focus on their brand. Whether it’s on their website, emails or order confirmations, it’s vital that all digital assets have the same domain name. We’ll help you find the perfect domain that you’ll love! 


Connect Anywhere

Are you hosting your website or email elsewhere? Save on your domain renewal and connect your DreamIT Host domain to your preferred provider.


Domain Locking

Your domain will be automatically locked to prevent unauthorised domain transfers. You can easily unlock your domain with our self-service portal.

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ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.au$14.951-5 Years$14.95FREE 👍$14.951-5 Years$14.95FREE 👍$14.951-5 Years$14.95FREE 👍$14.951-5 Years$14.95FREE 👍$11.251-5 Years$11.25FREE 👍
.melbourne$14.951-10 Years$79.95$79.95
.sydney$14.951-10 Years$79.95$79.95$14.951-5 Years$14.95FREE 👍
ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍
.nz$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍$27.951-10 Years$27.95FREE 👍
.kiwi$41.951-10 Years$41.95$41.95
ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.co$48.951-5 Years$48.95$48.95
.com$16.951-10 Years$16.95$16.95
.me$33.951-10 Years$33.95$33.95
.org$19.951-10 Years$19.95$19.95
.uk$14.951-10 Years$14.95$0
.us$16.951-10 Years$16.95$16.95
.xyz$24.951-10 Years$24.95$24.95
ExtensionPriceYearsRenewal PriceTransfer Price
.agency$43.951-10 Years$43.95$43.95
.biz$26.951-10 Years$26.95$26.95
.art$22.951-10 Years$22.95$22.95
.design$82.951-10 Years$82.95$82.95
.media$64.951-10 Years$64.95$64.95
.online$61.951-10 Years$61.95$61.95
.store$98.951-10 Years$98.95$98.95
.studio$48.951-10 Years$48.95$48.95
.tech$86.951-10 Years$86.95$86.95

Can’t find the domain extension you’re looking for? Try searching for it at the top – our system has a wide range of domains to choose from.

Instant Registrations

Most of our domains will be activated instantly after payment. Less time waiting, more time creating.

Reliable DNS

Our complimentary high-performance DNS is located across Australia & New Zealand. Redundancy and fast resolutions.


Forward and redirect your domain to another domain. Organise your brand before someone else does.

ID Protection

Our ID Protection ensures that your personal information is not stored with the WHOIS file. Excludes .au domains.

24/7 Australian Ticket Support — here to help all day, every day!

DreamIT Host is proudly Australian Owned and Operated.
Our awesome customer support team are located in Melbourne.
Whatever you need, we’ll help sort it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us through live chat or phone.


How long does domain activation take after placing my order?

The domain is activated usually within 15 minutes of placing the order. If there is an issue with registering the domain, our team will reach out to you via support ticket.

How long do domain transfers take?

Domain transfers take anywhere between 3-7 business days from when you accept the confirmation email sent out to the email address linked to the domain.

Is it free to transfer a domain?

Only domains ending in .au are free to transfer; they will retain their current expiry. Other domains will incur a fee to transfer over and generally add another year on top of their existing expiry.

Do I require an ABN for .au and .org domains?

.auDA require an ABN to register a domain ending in .au. Domains ending in require a not-for-profit ABN, otherwise, the domain will not be eligible for registration.

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