About DreamIT Host

Where great hosting is fast, affordable and 100% Australian. All packages are tailored to stand out from other hosting companies by offering more features and inclusions at a cheaper price.

  • Australian Support
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Support Charities and Students
  • DreamIT Host Satisfaction Guarantee

Our History


Beginning of DreamIT Solutions

DreamIT Host originally started as a web design firm offering WordPress & WooCommerce based websites.

The Launch of DreamIT Host

We quickly discovered that there was a lacking presence of a reliable Australian hosting provider. In October, we launched DreamIT Host to offer affordable, high-performance web and email hosting to small Aussie businesses.

Introducing Reseller Hosting

With all the great additions such as LiteSpeed and Self-Service Hourly Backups, we were now able to deliver a wholesale service that stood out from the market.

Dream Relay – Scaleable and reliable email delivery

Our high-performance SMTP server allows effective email delivery. Dream Relay ensures your emails always land in the inbox. Your emails are sent through our high reputation & blacklist-free IP range.

Rebuilding our hosting infrastructure.

Due to rapid growth in services and customers, DreamIT Host began signficant investments in developing and designing a new cloud based platform for new services.

This allowed us to maintain significant network superiority and seamless server infrastructure upgrades on our own IP range.

Now Deploying Across New Zealand

We’ve expanded our network which offers improved connectivity and further network resiliency.

With these new network improvements, we started offering high performance web hosting & VPS servers from our Auckland based servers.

DNS Infrastructure Upgrades & DirectAdmin Servers

Our DNS servers have been upgraded to allow seamless transfers between our servers while offering a more reliable DNS based service. Dream DNS has been designed to improve performance and reliability across our control panels.

DreamIT Host is now one of the largest DirectAdmin based providers in Australia & New Zealand. DirectAdmin is a lightweight control panel designed to be easy to use and fast.
Australian Support

Providing Australians with great around the clock service, our team is dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced. This extends to our live chat also, we understand the importance of business and want to ensure our customers are as satisfied as we are.

Free Website Migrations

We’re all about having satisfied customers with fast websites. Once an order has been made, we’ll transfer your website within 3 business hours. Ensure you raise a transfer request after your order!

Support Charities and Students

Speak to our team about our exclusive offers for charities, students and IT professionals. We’re all about helping the community and advancing the IT industry.

DreamIT Host Satisfaction Guarantee

Our current customers love us, we hope you’ll love us too. If you’re unhappy with our services, we’ll be glad to help move you back to your previous host and issue a refund within 45 days.

24/7 Australian Ticket Support — here to help all day, every day!

DreamIT Host is proudly Australian Owned and Operated.

Our awesome customer support team are located in Melbourne.

Whatever you need, we’ll help sort it out!